The Center for Space Technology and Research (CSTAR) organizes, integrates, and facilitates Georgia Tech’s space science and technology research activities. CSTAR brings together a wide range of Georgia Tech faculty who are active in space-related research and functions as a focal point for the growth of the space industry in the state of Georgia. 

Research Disciplines

From Astrophysics to International Affairs, CSTAR represents a wide range of cutting edge space science and research.

Spaceflight Missions

Learn about some of the missions that Georgia Tech faculty, students, and researchers contributed to.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The Georgia Tech community has many campus resources that enable and support the advancement of space technology.

Our Mission

CSTAR aims to improve and expand space-related education and research efforts by advancing the frontiers of astrophysics, Earth and planetary science, robotics, space policy, space technology, and space systems engineering.

More Resources

Educational programs, related centers, and student organizations


Learn about related degree programs, undergraduate and graduate certificates, and minors.

Affiliated Centers

See a list of CSTAR’s affiliated interdisciplinary research centers and sister organizations.


 Get to know our range of interdisciplinary members, faculty, researchers, and the CSTAR leadership.