TARGIT is a 3U, solar-powered CubeSat that will contain a compact altimetry laser system. This compact laser system is capable of delivering accurate topographic data using an on-board LiDAR system from as far at 10 kilometers away. The applications for this mission are particularly valuable for mapping the topography of near by planetary bodies such as moons and near-Earth asteroids.

TARGIT is a joint mission with Dr. Gunter’s group, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Craft Overview:


TARGIT was selected in 2017 to be launched as a part of the ELaNa program by NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSIL).

Sources and Additional Information:

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Full NameThe Tethering and Ranging Mission of the Georgia Institute of Technology
StatusFinal integration and assembly of satellites
Launch DateTBD
Downlink FrequencyTBD
Principal InvestigatorBrian Gunter